2018/09/25 LEBON woven carpet in iCOMSIAM Takasimaya

Thailand, Bangkok

iCOMSIAM Takashimaya


Takashimaya, a famous department store from Japan which has successfully expanded to several other countries, such as Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, has launch a branch in Thailand under the name “Siam Takashimaya” on November 10, 2018, under the concept of mixture of Thai department store and Japan’s Takashimaya.


LEBON in Takashimaya, Bangkok.

       Siam Takashimaya is the largest branch outside of Japan with space of 36,000 square meter, covering 7 floors inside ICONSIAM, with over 530 shops, which includes clothing for men and women, toys, kid products, home appliance, home decoration, and kitchen utensils.
        In order to set off the design and texture of beddings and bath textiles, Japanese designer has specified Lebon woven carpet as flooring material for daily life products and kid products area.